Young acrobat, City Elf, orphan


Health: 31
Armor: Light Leather 3 (0 Penalty)
Defense: 15
Speed: 17

Abilities & Focuses
Communication: 3, deception
Constitution: 2
Cunning: 2, evaluation
Dexterity: 5, acrobatics
Magic: 1
Perception: 2
Strength: 1
Willpower: 2

Class Powers & Spells

Talents & Languages
Trade tongue

Kerel’s Equipment


Kerel’s origins are unknown. His parents anonymous, the baby dropped in the grim wet streets of an anonymous city. By sheer luck he was found by a wandering group of entertainers. They gave the boy into custody of a young human woman among them, “Muriella”. She recently lost her only daughter for which taking care of a new baby gave some comfort/relief. Well taken care of and travelling within the relative safety of the group, the boy got educated in lots of different areas, ranging from music, over streetwise banter, brawling, dealing with the law and how to “steal from the rich for ones own benefit”. His lack of fear-of-heights and his remarkable agility made him quickly perform the most daring acrobatic stunts high above the masses…

However, this cheerful life was soon to end, when one night the group was accused of theft, assaulted by local soldiers and put to jail. Kerel, who returned late after yet another succesful romantic rendez-vous, witnessed it all from a distance and managed to escape. Ever since, he’s on his own, travelling the land of Ferelden, doing what he does best…


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