weapon (melee)

Mace: A blunt crushing weapon designed to smash armor, a mace consists of a heavy head of stone or metal set upon a wooden or metal shaft. The head is often flanged or knobbed to better penetrate armor.

  • Damage: 2d6
  • Min Strength: 1
  • Cost: 12sp

Maul: Normally a blacksmith’s or woodsman’s tool, this long-handled hammer may be used in warfare as a bludgeon to smash foes.

  • Damage: 1d6+3
  • Min Strength: 1
  • Cost: 14sp

Two-handed Maul: A stout wooden shaft about four feet in length topped with a brutal metal hammerhead.

  • Damage: 2d6+3
  • Min Strength: 3
  • Cost: 19sp


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