Heavy Blades

weapon (melee)

Bastard Sword: Also known as a hand-and-a-half sword, a bastard sword has a longer blade and hilt than a long sword.

  • Damage: 2d6+1
  • Min Strength: 2
  • Cost: 20sp

Longsword: These one-handed blades are also known as broadswords or simply “swords.” The blades are about three feet in length, double-edged, and mounted on a hilt with a heavy crossguard.

  • Damage: 2d6
  • Min Strength: 1
  • Cost: 18sp

Two-handed Sword: A large, powerful blade that requires both hands to wield effectively. Two-handed swords can reach five or six feet in length.

  • Damage: 3d6
  • Min Strength: 3
  • Cost: 23sp

Heavy Blades

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